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Feminine Realistic Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos that are deemed 'feminine' are often associated with specific styles or elements, such as minimalism or a softer colour palette. However, if you are looking for something d̶i̶f̶f̶e̶r̶e̶n̶t̶ better than the usual, take a look at a few of the tattoos done by our resident artist, Shiva (@tattoosbyshiva).


01 Lioness

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realistic black and grey lioness tattoo colour butterfly

This fierce animal makes a statement by symbolizing strength, beauty, and wisdom. A realistic lioness tattoo is for someone who wants to emanate confidence and intelligence with grace. By adding a colourful pop of blue to the butterfly, this tattoo design is sure to grab the attention of anyone who sees it.

02 Medusa

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Medusa tattoos are becoming more popular, as evidenced on TikTok, and the meaning and interpretation behind this tattoo vary depending on the wearer. General consensus is that Medusa embodies feminine rage and power, and many take comfort in wearing this symbol for protection. With the complexity and beauty in Medusa's imagery, the possibilities are endless when coming up with a unique black and grey design.

03 Pet Portrait

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What better way to memorialize your best friend than by a tasteful, realistic portrait tattoo in their honour? By adding some roses surrounding this good boy, @tattoosbyshiva was able to create a beautiful and heartwarming piece for the client, which they will cherish forever.

04 Astrology Elements

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Astrology tattoos have been popular for a long time, and some ideas have been repeated way too much. But, with realistic black and grey tattoos, the potential for new ideas keeps flowing. Planetary alignments are an eye-catching way to integrate astrology into your tattoo in a more subtle way, and the results are awe-inspiring.

05 Stylized Portrait

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Not every tattoo has to be saturated in meaning; some tattoos are worth getting simply because they are absolutely stunning like this stylized portrait done at @thirdeye.tattoos. Mixing black and grey realism with illustrative elements and pops of colour makes for a marvelous tattoo that is sure to bring joy to the wearer simply for its beauty.

06 Florals

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This black and grey realism tattoo mixes the client's favourite florals with butterflies to create a delicate piece perfectly suited to the wearer. With the abundance of flora and fauna in existence, there are endless possibilities to create designs such as this, with a unique touch to each peice.

07 Mixing Elements

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The great thing about finding an artist who specializes in custom tattoos is that you can bring them all your ideas, and they can create a design perfectly suited to you. In this tattoo, we can see the mixing of several ideas, including the lioness, florals, and pops of colour to create a truly beautiful and unique piece just for them.

With all this beautiful imagery to inspire, you are ready to reach out to Third Eye Tattoos to discuss your next tattoo plans! Feel free to email us, or fill out the booking form, to get started on your next piece.


All of the photos in this blog post have been sourced from @tattoosbyshiva on Instagram, a realistic black and grey tattoo artist located at Third Eye Tattoos in Mississauga, Canada. If you would like to inquire with the artist about your next tattoo, please visit our Booking Page to submit your ideas.

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