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Top Realistic Nautical Tattoos

Nautical-themed tattoos have been around for decades, made prominent by infamous tattooer, Sailor Jerry. Since then, nautical themes have been apparent in tattooing in many styles from old-school to neo-traditionalism. Here, we have @tattoosbyshiva 's take on the nautical theme in his signature black and grey realistic style.


01 Pirate Sleeve

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Ahoy there, matey! "Go big or go home" as they say - and this client definitely went big with the nautical imagery in this cohesive realistic sleeve. With the skull and octopus in the forefront and the pirate ship in the back, this piece has so much depth it almost makes you want to fall in.


02 Octopus

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This anatomically accurate octopus is saturated with detail and is almost menacing with how realistic it looks. Symbolism surrounding octopi include strength and overcoming adversity - a strong message attached to this jaw-dropping tattoo.


03 Poseidon

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A portrait of the God of the Sea is the perfect choice for someone who wants to convey their love for the sea in an intricate way, and avoid more common designs. A piece like this, with the pop of blue and eye-catching highlights, is sure to make a statement and command the attention a Greek God should.


04 Ship

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Ships are common imagery amongst old school and American traditional tattoo styles - but this realistic black and grey ship is exceptional. Ship tattoos can have several meanings for different wearers, amongst them include: good fortune, new beginnings, courage, and freedom.


05 Sea Turtle

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This serene scene features a sea turtle amongst aquatic plant life, with the details of the bubbles and sunrays completing the picture. A true ocean-lover will delight in a piece like this, which can be customized to their preferences. With an abundance of beautiful imagery under the sea, the potential for realistic aquatic designs as unique as the wearer is limitless.


06 Mermaid

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And last, but definitely not least, a nautical-theme post would not be complete without mentioning mermaids. Mermaids are appropriate tattoos for both men and women, and signify freedom (and sexiness). This realistic black and grey version is captivating, and the way she appears suspended in the water is made possible by truly incredible artistry.


All of the photos in this blog post have been sourced from @tattoosbyshiva on Instagram, a realistic black and grey tattoo artist located at Third Eye Tattoos in Mississauga, Canada. If you would like to inquire with the artist about your next tattoo, please visit our Booking Page to submit your ideas.

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