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Top realistic tattoo ideas

Updated: Jan 18

get some inspiration for your next piece of ink from these timeless classics

frankenstein and bride hand tattoos mississauga

Matching Portraits

If you're feeling daring, and have a partner that's willing, matching portraits is a unique way to express your commitment to each other. It's also a fun way to incorporate a mutually favourite classic movie or other piece of pop culture.

mother mary religious realistic tattoo

Religious Symbols

Many people take pride in their faith, and a portrait of Jesus Christ or Mother Mary is a beautiful way to signify your Christianity. If done tastefully and by a very skilled tattooer, even your Grandma will love it!

tragically hip portrait tattoo

Pop Culture

Tattoos based on pop culture are always a hit, and it may be a way to incorporate some of your all-time favourite entertainment into a breath-taking homage. Pictured here is a tattoo by Shiva of Gordon Downie of the Canadian classic rock band The Tragically Hip.

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